Medieval Knight Shield long – Four Point Shield

Mahon family crest medieval knight shield
Gorman - family crest knight shield
Coat of Arms knight shield
Coat of Arms knight shield  - large steel shield
Greg - Coat of Arms medieval knight shield
Coat of Arms knight shield  -  Mason, Mc Donald


 Our knight shields  are 100 % hand painted with attention to details - each shield is


created with an old world painting style, using superb color blending and brushstrokes


to assure a high quality heraldry artwork.


 35 x 17 inch / 89 x 43 cm steel knight shield -  weight is approx 8 lbs

border with gold leaf painted rivets

Starting from  $ 495.00  

Article # 6-MKS-06


Read more about our knight shield - ordering- pricing etc.

Close up pictures of  family crest paintings 

  Shield comes with gold leaf painted rivets and chain for hanging. Knight shields are hand crafted from a master blacksmith.

Coat of Arms Medieval Knight Shields

Knight shield Coat of Arms

Medieval knight shield - family crest

  Custom knight shield

Kuhn family crest knight shield

Medieval shield - old gray

 Knight shield -  antique white

Coat of Arms knight shield - soft black

Coat of Arms knight shield antiqued

Family crest knight shield - soft white

Coat of Arms Medieval Shields lg.