Medieval Knight's Shield – Family Coat of Arms Shield

Knight shield mounted on gate
Oversize knight shield w. family crest
Oversize knight shields starting from $ 465.00
Hand crafted steel medieval knight shield - plain

Custom Made Medieval Shields - Battle Shield

Heater shield 15 x 18 to 26 x 48 inch

Aluminum or stainless steel shields - flat or curved

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Knight Shields  - hand painted medieval armor shields can be used for decor or

tournaments. Shields are hand forged from steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

The background colors for the medieval shields are complimented to the colors of your

Coat of Arms design they may can be soft black, soft white, antique white, dark red, gold, bronze etc.

Price for the medieval knight shield Coat of Arms vary depending on the complexity of the artwork,

elaborate details - shield supporters - double crest etc.

For price estimate on your knight shield please send us your Coat of Arms in JPEG or PNG picture file.

We take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis


Our knight shields are shipped world wide ! Click on images for our hand painted medieval shields.

Shields are hand forged from steel, aluminium or stainless steel, they are availabel from 11 x 12 inch to 26 x 48 inch