medieval knight shield - crest Spurlock

Division of the field

Escutcheons that have more then one tincture are divided by lines and each has an

heraldic name expressive of it's form. Partition lines are those which divide the field

of the escutcheon into any numbers of parts. Below are names and figures of

those most commonly used in heraldic design.

References material are taken from following heraldry publications

a.)  A practical manual of heraldry and of heraldic illuminations 

- publish 1864

b.) A dictionary of heraldry  - published  1889c.) The elements

of heraldry - published 1866

 Heraldry schield partitions

Heraldry Shield Divisions- Ordinaries 

Bar, Fesse, Frett, Orle, Flanches

The Divisions of the shield are called partition lines.

Fesse , Badge

Partition Lines